Your Crew Frames Your View


Your crew frames your view or in other words the people whom you surround yourself with shape who you are and your view in life. Your family is chosen for you but friends are the family you choose for yourself. For that reason my mother always warned me to choose my friends wisely. This is the view about friendship has been instilled in me from a young age. I have the best group of friends from all walks of life hand chosen by me. They all were placed in my life for a reason and I have learned something from each of them. I wanted to make this post too share with them and everyone else what amazing people they are. Also, for them to know the impact they have made in my life and the lives of others. These are a few of the amazing characters that frame my view in life and colour my world.

The Rock- Chantel is my rock. We have been the best of friends since grade 6 that is going on 13 years and counting. We have not always had the same circle of friends in middle school and high school but that has never changed our relationship. We lived in different cities and went to different universities but we always made time to talk on the phone or visit. Basically, Chantel is my one friend where no matter how much life changed in the past and will change in the future I know that she will always be there for me.



They say you meet friends for life in university. I am not sure how true that is for everyone else but for me it is. Most of the rest of my friends I met and/or lived with in university.

The Twin- Nhu is one of the first people I met when I started University 7 years ago. We were roommates and shared a dorm together. We hit it off right away and have been besties ever since. There are many reasons why I say Nhu is my twin and its definitely not because we look alike. Our birthdays are 4 days apart and we basically have the same taste in everything except for guys (which is good because we will never like the same one). We get each other on a level I feel only a twin would understand and we have a mutual understanding that we always have each others back. She is the one person I know who is always down to chill, watch movies, eat and play sims.



The Accomplice- Lyndel, I don’t even remember how we met but we have been friends ever since. We lived in the same building in first year of university just on different floors. Lyndel is one of the most hilarious people I know, it is never a dull moment with her around. She is the one person who I could never stay mad at no matter what she did. She always brightens my day and for that reason is one of my favourite people. We were house mates in 4th year of university but you might as well just say that we lived together the whole time since we were always staying over at each others place (lets be real it was always Lyndel staying at my place). Lyndel was always doing something cool or starting some cool new interesting project that you would never even think could be possible. For that reason, she is always so supportive in anything that any of her friends do. During those 4 years of university we got into so many shenanigans together but, those were the best times and what has made up most of my favourite memories during that time in my life.



The voice of reason- Maddie is very level headed but is still down to have a good time with in reason. Maddie also lived in my dorm building in first year of university. We met on an activity planning committee for the building and have been friends ever since. She is the best person to take shopping when you are on a budget. She is the only person who would be able to talk you out of buying those Lululemon tights. She motivates me to be a better person. She is always bettering herself and the world around her. Although, she may have her head on straight she can be very goofy at times and never fails to make you laugh. Maddie is an amazing and selfless person. She is always volunteering and making the world around her a better place and motivates me to be a better person.



The Listener- Paolo is the best at listening and giving great advice. He is the best person to have a conversation with and would never let you feel like he is uninterested in what you are saying. You can tell him anything with out feeling judged and he is the one person who will keep your deepest secret. He has a great heart and personality and always wants the best for those around him. Poalo is the person you go to for comfort, he will feed you his amazing cookies and tell you that you are pretty. You will leave his place 10 pounds heaver and feeling fabulous and flawless like queen bee herself. He is always supportive in the goals and accomplishments of his firends and family



The Entertainer- Bev always somehow seems to entertain me whether she is being a sloth on the couch or posting videos on Youtube.  I met Bev in university through lyndel. We did have some classes before this and knew of each other. We became very close when we lived together in 4th  year of university. She is very passionate about the things she loves to do and it can be very infectious. She is a great person to talk to and makes you feel ambitious about the things you love to do or want to accomplish in life. Not only that Bev is a very strong, independent and hard working person. She has worked very hard for everything she has achieved in life. When passion and hard work meet amazing things happen and Bev is proof of that.



The 423 Crew- We all lived together in 4th year of university and have made so many memories together. Each person brought something different to the table and made it one of the most interesting ad fun years of my life. I was not as close with Sarina, Katie or Naomi but by the end of that year we were all great friends. Naomi will help you shop till you drop then have amazing conversations with you for hours afterwards. She is very driven and devoted to achieving her goals. At the same time she is also generous, sweet and caring of others. Katie is fierce, she is not afraid to stand up for herself or others and will give you great make up tips (aka where I first learned make up tips from). The confidence that she radiates is infectious. Sarina is just an all around amazing person. She is a great cook and will always share her food with you (sharing is caring). She is not afraid to be goofy and is always laughing. Sarina is an achiever. I never thought I would ever become friends with the kids who where the goody goodies at the front of the class excited to learn and willing to do whatever it takes to get that A+ but, it happened and Sarina was and very much still is one of those kids. For that she influences others around her to always put 100% into everything they do.


423 Tamarack

Your crew frames your view and my view is, as Rory Gilmore would say “is populated with characters slightly less eccentric but supremely real, made of flesh and bone and full of love”. If your life is not turning out as you had hoped it would or you are venturing down the wrong path, maybe you should take a look at the people who you choose to surround yourself with and you might find the answer as to why your life has taken a wrong turn. If that is the case you need to change the people who you surround yourself with. This is easier said than done but, the people who you surround yourself with are the people who encourage and inspire you. They are the people who influence you whether you realize it or not.


P.S- If you are a close friend of mine and have not been mentioned please do not be upset. If I was to write about all the amazing people in my life, it would be longer than the 5th Harry Potter book.