10 Tips To Start a Healthy Lifestyle


Living a healthy lifestyle doesn’t happen over night. It starts with small changes that become a habit and develops into something you like. If you are looking to start a healthy lifestyle these are my tips on how to get started.

Tip #1- Start Now! All the time I hear people say they will start tomorrow, next week or next year. You don’t need to wait till you have all the right clothing or equipment. Be creative and use what you already have. These are all just excuses to keep living how you currently are.  The future is not guaranteed so why wait till tomorrow, next week or next year to start living a beautiful healthy life.

Tip #2- Set goals. Set achievable short term and long term goals. Be realistic when setting these goal make them something that is possible for you to accomplish and when you do it will motivate you to continue living a healthy lifestyle.

Tip #3- Drink more water. 75% of all Americans are chronically dehydrated. Most people are not getting enough water throughout the day and don’t know the difference. Water is important in making our bodies run smoothly and effectively. It helps to flush out toxins out f the body and drinking more water will help with acne, cause your skin to be brighter and vibrant and will help with weight loss. A lot of the time people mistake hunger for thirst. Drinking more water in a day will allow you to feel fuller in turn making you eat less. Drinking more water will also boot your metabolism helping you to burn more calories. Aim to drink half your body weight in ounces. This can be simply done by making the conscious decision to drink water instead of pop or juice. You can also spice up you water by adding lemon sliced, frozen fruit or mint to your water.

Tip #4- Cut out processed foods. Aim to eat more whole foods like fruit and vegetables. Processed foods have so many preservatives, additives and chemicals in them so they can have a longer shelf life. Just imagine what all those things are doing to your body. Try to cook more of your meals that way you know exactly what is in the food you are using to fuel your body. I’m not saying you have to cut it out cold turkey or completely but, start by adding more raw and natural foods to your diet and work your way up from there.

Tip #5- Find healthy alternatives for junk foods.  There many healthy options and recipes for the junk foods you crave and once you start eating healthy continuously you wont crave junk anymore instead, you will crave healthy foods. Check out my last blog post for a healthy brownie recipe.

Tip #6- Plan. If you fail to plan you plan to fail. Planning out your meal and workouts a head of time will give you no excuses to not eat healthy or work out. Often times its when I don’t plan out my meals ahead of time that I turn to fast food because its quick, easy and convenient but, if you plan ahead healthier options can become quick, easy and cheap. Also, by planing your workouts before going to the gym will prevent you from lollygagging and wondering what you should do next.

Tip #7- Do what you love to do. Do exercises or activities that you like to do. Eat foods that you like to eat. Don’t try and force yourself to do things or eat things that you don’t like just because you know its good for you. Eventually, you will stop doing what ever it is you are doing because you don’t like it.

Tip # 8- Mental health is important too. Being healthy is something that is often attributed to having a nice body because that is something that we can see but, it is actually so much more than that. Mental health is important to. Someone can look healthy on the outside but are struggling mentally. Mental health is something that is recently been coming to light. Many people suffer from all sorts of mental illnesses and it is a sickness that cannot be seen. If you or someone you know are showing signs that they may need help please tell someone and take the steps forward to getting help. With that being said it is important to take the time to relax, stress cant take a toll on a persons body. Light some candles, read a book, write in a journal, take a bubble bath or watch a show do things that you like to do to unwind form the stress of everyday life.

Tip #9- Get a good night rest. Sleep is very important in regulating our bodies. While you are asleep is when your body repairs the muscles that were broken down while exercising. So, sleep is very important for recovery. Sleep regulates lepton and cortisol levels in your body. These keep your metabolism up. A good nights sleep will also give you the energy you need for the next day.

Tip # 10- Give your self a cheat and rest day. Cheat days and rest days are much needed to reset your body and mind. having a cheat day will allow you to indulge in all the food you have been craving. This is kind of like a mental reset button that will allow you to continue eating healthy. The same thing goes for a rest day. I often find that all I want to do on a rest day is go to the gym and it gets me excited to get back in the gym the next day.



My Hair Care Routine For Healthy Hair


They say that as you age your hair changes. It could be in colour, texture or volume. This occurs due to changing hormonal levels in your body. When I was younger I had very long, thick, straight hair. As I got older and had different styles, cuts and colours my hair changed. When I was in grade 12 my started getting thin, I thought it was from stress of applying to university and straightening my hair everyday. The summer before my first year of university I worked at a summer camp and gave up on styling my hair everyday and by the end of the summer my hair was wavy.

Over the years my hair continued to get thinner. I dismissed it thinking it was from the stress of university but recently I noticed other things like I was extremely exhausted all the time and my hands and feet were always cold. I went to the doctors to try and find the root cause to all my symptoms but my concerns were dismissed. Recently, I went to a new doctor and had blood tests done. I found out that I am iron deficient and that was causing my thin hair, cold hand and feet and extreme tiredness. Now I know many people will attribute this to me being vegan. However, that is not the case as this is something has has been going on for years. Now that we all know I have thin wavy hair I’ll share with you what I do and use to keep my hair healthy.

This might sound gross but I don’t comb my hair everyday and I only wash my hair once or twice a week. I say comb because I stopped using brushes in my hair. The brushes were too harsh and I could hear it ripping out my hair. Now I only use a wide tooth comb to comb my hair and only before or after washing it. I also like to use L’Oreal kids tangling tamer spray fr wet or dry hair.

I like to use a hair mask at least once a week. My favourite one to use is Roots hair treatment from lush. This leaves your scalp tingling and feeling fresh. I leave this in for 5- 10 minutes before shampooing it out.


As for shampoo and conditioner I like to mix up the ones I use. I will usually have two or three different kinds that switch between. I like to switch things up often because when I use the same shampoo and conditioner all the time my hair gets use to it and stops looking as nice. This is just something I noticed with my hair. So I like to use the shampoo and conditioner bars from lush. At the moment I am using the Seanik shampoo bar. This shampoo bar has sea salt and seaweed in it. The sea salt is supposed to give volume to your hair and the seaweed is supposed to make it soft and shiny (really it just makes me feel like a mermaid when I use it). I also like the New! shampoo bar from lush it has cinnamon and peppermint in it to encourage hair growth and give that tingling feeling. The Big conditioner bar from Lush is supposed to give volume and make your hair shiny. I like it because it doesn’t weigh my hair down and allows my curls to dry nicely.


The other Shampoo and Conditioner I like to use is OGX Argan Oil of Morocco shampoo and conditioner. The scent is not over powering and it leaves my hair feeling soft, light and clean. Also, I find when I use this brand it makes my curls more defined.

The third shampoo and conditioner I like to use is Aussie Moist. This shampoo and conditioner helps hair to look and feel less dry. It smells really good like coconuts and again leaves your hair feeling light and not weighed down. I don’t tend to use this one as much because I like the other ones a bit better but, this one is a lot cheaper and wont break your bank. I like to get this one in the giant size with the pump and usually use it when I run out of the other two in between repurchasing


Lastly, after I get out of the shower and comb out my hair I like to use a leave in conditioner. My holy grail leave in conditioner is the Cantu Argan Oil leave-In Conditioner Repair Cream. This stuff is the best and is life changing. It makes your hair so soft and defines your curls, I really notice a difference between when I use it and when I don’t. It works well for any hair type, my mom and my sister also use it and we all have very different hair types. You can get this at any hair store, it is fairly cheap and lasts a long time as a little goes a long way. You only need to use a little bit, too much will weigh your hair down and make your hair feel like there is a build up of product in it.


To keep my hair healthy I try to keep the amount of heat I use on it to a minimum. For the most part I just let my hair dry naturally and it the winter I like to keep it in a braid most of the time to help keep the moisture locked in. When I do use heat on my hair I always use a heat protector before hand.

-xoxo Krystal

My Fitness Journey: How I Lost 70lb


My fitness journey started in 2013. I was in my fourth year of university and loving life. I’m not going to say my life was miserable before I lost weight because it wasn’t, I was very happy with myself and my life but, looking back I think I was in denial. I was in denial about my health and my weight. After gaining what must have been 50 pounds in freshman year I still thought I was the same size I had always been. Although, I knew this was false seeing as how none of my old clothes fit me. Nevertheless, I got new clothes and thought I was fabulous (which I was just fluffier). My wake up call came when I started getting asthma attacks more frequently. It was scary and my friends who where there and helped me through them can attest to that. My second wake up call was when I stepped on the scale for the first time in years and the number read 225 pounds. I was mortified. That was the moment I decided to turn my life around. I did not tell anyone about this self revelation because I was too ashamed. So I started going to the gym. I didn’t do anything other than the bicycle because 1. I didn’t know how to work out properly and 2. I was way too intimidated to even attempt going into the weight area. I also changed my diet started having smoothies for breakfast and sauté crab wit bean sprouts for dinner. I did not starve myself or eat anything I thought tasted bad. During this time is when I lost the first 25 pounds. I didn’t even realize I had lost weight my friends started telling me and I weighed myself.

It was after that I realized I had to step it up a notch and decided  to check out the Goodlife fitness near my house. My roommates had been telling me about it and I wanted to see if I should sign up too. This was when I started working with a personal trainer for the first time. I learned so much from her. She taught me how to squat, deadlift, and bench press. I was soon able to do my first full push up and shortly after that I reached my goal of 50 push ups in a row. I started getting very strong and my trainer started teaching me how to do snatches and clean and jerks. That was when I fell in love with health and fitness. The weight started melting off and my clothes were getting looser and looser. Slowly over time my diet changed completely. I switched from milk to almond milk, I stopped eating cheese, rice, pasta and would occasionally have bread. I had broccoli, chicken and sweet potatoes every night for dinner. It was in December 2013 that I started joining boot camp classes on top of my training sessions with my personal trainer. I met a new lifelong friend in that boot camp and I’m so glad I made the decision to sign up and try it out. By spring 2014  I had completed all my personal training sessions and I weighed 163 pounds.

Fast forward to today September 2016 I still have a passion for fitness and am now training for my first half-marathon. I became a vegan and have been for over a year now. I am loving life and living it to the fullest.